Anti-conservative bias in academia

by rightscholarship

Inside Higher Ed is reporting on a soon-to-be published study by Yoel Inbar and Joris Lammers that shows that bias against conservatives is measurably apparent among academics, or at least among social and personality psychologists. What should be noted is that the study, which will hopefully inspire further studies with larger sample groups, measured acknowledged bias among the respondents. As many Right Scholars know, there is much unacknowledged bias against conservatives among academics, however self-aware such academics claim to be. The Marxist manner of thinking, no matter how far from its roots it may stretch, is connected to fundamental assumptions that seem self-evident, objective and unquestionable to its adherents. I’m sure that the David Horowitz types will use this recent study to fuel their ridiculous campaigns, but I hope that right-thinking Right Scholars will absorb it in a responsible manner, and see it as more solid documentation of the existence of a hegemonic force (to borrow a term from the left) that must be fought intelligently and honourably.