Full-spectrum thinking

by rightscholarship

Although Right Scholarship is devoted to promoting an uncompromisingly Rightist approach to scholarship (to the extent that is possible, given that this is a tiny blog), I don’t want to suggest that I dream of a Rightist orthodoxy in the humanities and social sciences. What we desperately require in the university system is full-spectrum thinking.

I’d like to see political pluralism within the university, with scholars from every position on the political spectrum working together, along with those who claim no political allegiance at all. There will be disagreement, but unless its allowed to degenerate into departmental feuding, it will surely benefit both professors and students.

Students need to be exposed to academic controversy. Right now, there is a disturbing lack of controversy and debate in the university, and especially within the humanities. There’s lots of behind-the-scenes griping, grumbling and gossip within departments, of course, and there always will be. When it comes to teaching and research, however, departments display a unified left/liberal front. And both students and professors, I feel, are bored.

I have great respect for the university system, but the humanities and social sciences are in dire need of reform. Bringing full-spectrum thinking into teaching and research would attract more students and funding.