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Catholic Corporatism: Key German Texts

The Right Scholarship Translation Project is a new initiative that arose from my recent research into German and Austrian Catholic political philosophy. While beginning my research in this field in early 2016, I quickly realized that I would have to learn German, since many of the texts I hoped to consult remain untranslated. Since then, I have worked diligently on German in my spare time, although I still have much to learn. I have decided to begin the work of translation despite the inadequacy of my language skills, in the hope that they will improve as I go along. And of course, there are plenty of imperfect but helpful translation aids that I can turn to when the going gets rough.

This page will document my translation work. My first goal is to translate representative selections from Othmar Spann’s Der wahre Staat: Vorlesungen über Abbruch und Neubau der Gesellschaft (The True State: Lectures on the Destruction and Reconstruction of Society). The 1921 edition is available in PDF form from I also hope to provide translations of selected texts from other German-speaking advocates of Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic corporatism, such as Bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel von Ketteler, Karl Vogelsang, and Engelbert Dollfuss.

If I have any readers with knowledge of German I welcome you to leave any corrections or suggestions as comments. If I incorporate your corrections or suggestions for the translation of any particular text, I will include your name or alias in a list of those who provided advice.

For now, I will post the translation of selections from Der wahre Staat in numbered paragraphs, German followed by English.


Last update 22 September 2017

Der wahre Staat by Othmar Spann

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Third part: synthesis

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